Hi everyone,
Each year, we rely heavily on the generous donations that come in through our Giving Tree.
We are trying something different this year since we have limited visitation hours.
Each cat was asked what they would like to see under their tree this year and Cherie was kind enough to make a list of each cat’s wish
What? You didn’t know they cat speak to us?? You learn something new each day.
If you would like to fulfill a cat’s wish, please let us know! You can contact us via Facebook, Private message, email or telephone. You can ask for a specific cat’s wish or a random wish.
Gifts can be dropped at the shelter or mailed (for your convenience) via Chewy or Amazon. Chewy offers gift cards now which is nice.
There is no deadline for this holiday giving - My wish is that gifting in this way is stress free and enjoyable for you.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Beth and Paisley (paper towel destroyer)

Our Shelter is Back in Business!

We have been attempting to navigate these Covid 19 waters just like the rest of you!
We are not back to our regular business hours but we have been trying to open up a day here and there! It is always a Saturday or a Sunday and we will post the day on our Google listing, our Facebook page and on our answering machine. You can always email us as well.
We do require adults wear a mask when you are in a room with others that did not come with you. We will leave it up to parents whether a young child wears a mask or not. We want all of our guests, volunteers and staff to feel as safe as possible while enjoying their time with our cats.
As always, children under 18, need to stay with an adult for their own safety.
Please Check Google & Facebook for Current Hours
Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience!

The cats would love some visitors to play with them, hold them and love on them!

Construction Update!
December 15, 2020

All the exterior windows are in and the roof is almost done.

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Stay-A-While Cat Shelter is a cage-less, no kill shelter that provides loving, compassionate and comprehensive care for cats and kittens awaiting adoption.



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Adopting a Cat at Stay-A-While

Stay-A-While wants only the best life possible for our cats and kittens. To ensure that they get responsible loving homes, new guardians are required to agree to the following policies. A legal contract is signed upon adoption agreeing to these policies. Stay-A-While has the right to refuse any adoption based on the information provided during the pre-adoption interview.

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