Shelter remains closed until further notice

Happy New Year to you β˜ƒοΈ
2019 was a great year for SAW with the plans coming together for our new shelter property and building πŸ— A very exciting development for everyone involved with us! 🐱 On a separate post, not too far away, I will bring you up to speed with our fundraising for the new building. Exciting! 😻
Unfortunately, the ringworm situation, ended 2019 sadly for us. There is honestly, nothing worse than the cats not seeing visitors. It truly breaks my heart! πŸ’”
The veterinarian and I talked about it the other day, after a kitchen kitty tested positive for ringworm ~ she and I both agree that it would be very irresponsible of me to open the shelter with a warning to people about the ringworm. That, unfortunately, can not be the answer ~ no matter how bad I want to 😒
The answer has to be to stay shut down until we get a handle on this and can allow the public back in safely so they do not risk infecting their pets at home, or even themselves ☹️
We are hoping to keep it out of the Shy room but only time will tell. In my 24 years here, this has never happened and I considered us so fortunate in that regard ~ but our time has come to fight this battle that so many others have done before us.
If you are one of them and want to share your expertise with me, please send a private message on our messenger, send an email or make a phone call 😊
If you have kitties adopted from us and want to bring them in for their free nail trim, we can make arrangements to do that in the gift shop or the garage so your cat will not come into contact with the shelter itself 🐾
For now, we are closed through January 19th as we need to have a couple more cultures done and those take 2 full weeks. I will say the kitty that brought this into the shelter is now negative on her ringworm culture! That is progress 🧑
To those that have asked if this is expensive ~ yes it is. And some shelters have chosen to euthanize kitties with ringworm because of how expensive and difficult it is to treat. I am not passing judgment at all but we operate a little differently and have chosen to treat them as needed 🐾🐾
So to those that wanted to help with the expenses, it will be, as always, a HUGE help. Our veterinarian bill is over $5,000 again. This does not mean our vets charge too much ~ this means you have to pay for good quality care. With as many cats as we have, we are seeing vets usually multiple times a week.
Not only does this include the ringworm testing but we still have to keep going with sick cats being seen, dentals and the ever important ~ spays and neuters! They are very good to us ~ both hospitals that we use ~ we are thankful 😻
I will add a donate button here for anyone that feels that is easiest for them or you can help via cash, check, money order or PayPal. PayPal can be accessed easily on our webpage. They do take a small fee so you are aware 😺
As is always my policy, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I may not always get back to you immediately, but I will get back to you 😻
Thank you to those who were able to read this long novel πŸ˜‚ I appreciate it.
Happy Mew Year to you all and hopefully we can get this under control and get you back in to love on our kitties ~ they miss you so much, as do we! 😻🐾
Best regards,
Beth Pearce Director

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