Purchase a 2018 Stay-A-While Cat Shelter Calendar

–NOW Available–

Purchase your 2018 Stay-A-While Calendar. They start at $15.

If you would like to purchase one but need it mailed to you, please contact the Stay-A-While Cat Shelter and speak with Beth or Jen. You can contact us by e-mail or phone for the correct amount to send in (calendar plus shipping).


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Stay-A-While Cat Shelter Gift Shop

A variety of items for sale with all proceeds that benefit the shelter. All items have been donated. Be sure to stop by when you visit.

Cat mats, catnip pillows, cat merchandise, and much more! Shop in our lobby at Stay-A-While Cat Shelter and all proceeds benefit the shelter.

The Animal Shelter Store is an online marketplace featuring today’s best pet products and one more way to help Stay A While Cat Shelter.

Over 400 stores to choose from! Shop here and up to 27% of each purchase goes to Stay-A-While Cat Shelter. VISIT IGIVE.

The Ohio Pet License Plate is a specialty plate that will help raise funds to be used for spay and neuter to prevent pet overpopulation and for education that supports the benefits of sterilization.

The Ohio Pet Fund will offer grant applications to nonprofits including humane societies, rescue organizations, and veterinary associations. Animal shelters will also receive funding for spay/neuter. LEARN MORE.

All kinds of animal merchandise! Shop here and 10% of each purchase goes to Stay-A-While Cat Shelter.