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For only $10.00 a month, you can help support a cat that has little chance of being adopted due to age, medical condition, or a behavior problem. Since we are a no-kill shelter, we have many cats in the sponsor program.

Once you have chosen a cat, or you have had us choose one for you, you will receive a photograph and a short biography about your cat. Your sponsored cat will also send you a holiday greeting card in December.

Sponsorships are available for $10.00 per month or $120.00 per year. You are welcome to visit your sponsor cat during our business hours. Many sponsors enjoy coming in to sit with, groom or bring toys for their cat.

You are welcome to bring your sponsor donation to the shelter if you choose or you can mail it to the address below. If you mail your sponsor donation, please be sure to let us know the name of the cat you want to sponsor or if you wish for us to choose one for you.

Cheapest Valium Online Buy, Order Valium Online Uk

Sponsor Now

Click the link to Paypal below, and simply select to make a monthly donation! THANK YOU!

Stay-A-While Cat Shelter, Inc.

8800 Akins Road

North Royalton, OH 44133

Phone: 440-582-4990

Order Cheap Valium Online



Business Hours

Saturday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Sunday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Buy Diazepam Online Cheap