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Stay-A-While Cat Shelter now has a NEW website where we inform everyone all about the shelter’s activities. Here are some of our highlights:

 Sharing upcoming events, sponsoring cats, adoption, and cat visiting always welcome during visiting hours.

New Ways to support our Shelter

  • Donations now include offering stocks, bonds, mutual funds and RMDs
  • Bequests


How to earn money for the shelter when you shop at a variety of participating partners such as AmazonSmile and some are local!  These partners continue to grow to enhance your shopping experience.

  • SAW has a list of valuable resources for affordable cat care in our area.
  • Diverse topics on cat education for your interests. We keep this updated and welcome new ideas!
  • We also continue to post job positions available and volunteering opportunities at the shelter.


Please join our Email list! This list will not be shared and its use is intended for SAW purposes only. Buy Indian Valium

Mobile Users

We are now optimized for all mobile devices, so you can browse our website anytime to view what’s New, Cats available for adoption, Educational Topics and of course Shopping. And let’s not forget you can Donate in a variety of ways to help support our shelter!


SAW continues to be active on FB, with updates on our feline friends and new arrivals available for adoption! Check us out on FaceBook and share with your feline friends! You can sign up at the bottom of each page in the footer

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